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winchester serial number dating
winchester serial number dating

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. Gauge Serial Number Range Year of Manufacture 50,000 - 50,499 1959 50,500 - 51,999 1960 52,000 - 52,499 1961 52,500 - 55,999 1962 56,000 - 63,499 1963. . Feb 05, 2010Searching for the year, make, model and history of your Winchester rifle should be done through a professional gun dealer. Locate your serial number by. Serial Number info for Winchester Model 94 The Firing Line Forums. What is the age and value of a Winchester Model 94 30 30 serial number 1697559 with original. Pictures finally Model 94 Winchester serial number dates it as 1894 first year made. The Harley Nolden Memorial Institute for Firearms Research. Winchester Firearms Value/Serial Number Book List Contact Information: Important Resources: George Madis --For dates of manufacture and some of the most detailed. Serial Number info for Winchester Model 94 The Harley Nolden Memorial Institute for Firearms Research. Rudy wrote: I'm having a difficult time finding the manufacture date for a Winchester 30 30 model 94ae Serial is : 6011870 What is this gun worth?. How to Determine the Different Winchester Models. I have a Winchester model 1890 serial number 159135 and am wondering what it's worth. It is in decent shape. Several readers asked if the age of their Model 21 could be estimated from the serial number. Unfortunately, Winchester didn't use Model 21 receivers in the order the. It is always helpful to have as much information on a Model 70 as possible to help judge the date it was manufactured. What information you have provided, coupled.
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